Many have marked upon the amazing vile jellies that were circulated (and eaten and drunk) during and after the first plenary. These were the creation of MOUTH which is an actionist art project in culinary heterology formed in March 2012 by Edia Connole and Scott Wilson. Recent events include: LAND: A Scarcity Banquet for CREATE with Jesse Presley Jones, Cecilia Bullo, Emer Roberts, Kathy Tynan and The Korean Society of Ireland. The Eternal Winter of Festivity, The Other North Symposium, CCA Derry~Londonderry, April 2013; All Fingers and Tongues: Hosting the Divine with Charlie Gere & MOUTH, Break Bread Open, FACT, Liverpool Biennial, October 2012; Melancholia, Messianic Banquets and the 19th Hole, Culture Politics Eschatology: A Symposium, Glasgow University & Lancaster University, The Storey Institute, Lancaster, September 2012. Go check them out on their MOUTH blog.

A certain someone, who updates this blog and Twitter, due to the confusion of their heat oppressed brain had forgotten to properly acknowledge MOUTH in the previous post (now updated!). [Sincere apologies to Edia and Scott; mea culpa. -Timo]

The KiSSiT team would like to express our gratitude to Scott and especially Edia for their time and effort in preparing and offering this fantastic and unforgettable (culinary) experience!

KiSSiT 11 KiSSiT 12

If anyone in the audience would like to share their pictures of these marvelous and singular culinary creations (especially the drinkable ones), please send them to KiSSiT ( so that we may forward them to MOUTH and display them online. Thank you!


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Kingston Shakespeare is the home of KiSS, and its offshoot KiSSiT. Both explore the world by thinking through Shakespeare.
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