KiSSiT Work-in-Progress sessions (a CFP of sorts..)

Etsy Shax bustThe KiSSiT team is proud to announce the launch of our work-in-progress seminar (henceforth acronymisised as KiSSiT WiP) which is intended as a forum mainly for post-graduates and post-doctorates to present and discuss their work in a supportive environment around a table of interested people.

Our first session on October 22, as a prelude to the State of Exception, has exceptional speakers, Professor Eric Heinze and Dr Adrian Howe from Queen Mary, University of London, who will be discussing law and theatre. Despite KiSSiT WiP being a forum for post-grads and post-docs, we try not to discriminate against more established academics, especially so enthusiastic as these. We shall convene at the Rose Theatre, Kingston in our usual Gallery starting at 5pm and running approximately for two hours. Possible changes to starting times and exact room will be put up online (do also follow us on Twitter and Facebook).

Other sessions this Autumn will be held on November 19, December 3, and December 17. More info on these, and dates for Spring, to come.

We also invite post-grads and post-docs wanting to present their work to send us an informal proposal for either one paper or a whole session, for which we will try to find a suitable date. We will also try to pair up single papers thematically so that the presenters have also something to say to each other.

The first hour of the session is meant for presentations and the second hour for open discussion.

Any inquiries, suggestions and proposals: please contact us on

As always, these sessions are free and open to all. Feel free to disseminate this!

Kingston Shakespeare Seminar (KiSS), part of the London Graduate School, announces the launch of Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory (KiSSiT): a series of seminars and conferences for postgraduate students and early career scholars with an interest in Shakespeare, philosophy and theory. The program will be committed to thinking through Shakespeare about urgent contemporary issues in dialogue with the work of past and present philosophers – from Aristotle to Žižek.

About kingstonshakespeareseminar

Kingston Shakespeare is the home of KiSS, and its offshoot KiSSiT. Both explore the world by thinking through Shakespeare.
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