Arthur Bradley: ‘Untimely Ripp’d: Macbeth’s children’ -podcast

Bradley at KiSS 1Listen here for Arthur Bradley‘s insightful talk on Macbeth and time. Discussing temporicide or time killing with sovereignty, unbearable life, and classic criticism from L.C. Knights and Cleanth Brooks, Bradley makes thought provoking links to the death of Czar Nikolai II, Leon Trotsky, and Third Reich biopolitics.

Arthur Bradley is Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of English & Creative Writing at Lancaster University. Working at the intersection of literature, philosophy, religious studies and political theory, he has written four monographs which explore my research interests in different ways: Negative Theology and Modern French Philosophy (2004), Derrida’s Of Grammatology: A Philosophical Guide (2008), The New Atheist Novel: Fiction, Philosophy and Polemic after 9/11 (co-authored with Andrew Tate, 2010), and Originary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida (2011). He has also co-edited four collections of essays including most recently two volumes on the messianic in contemporary philosophy: The Politics to Come: Power, Modernity and the Messianic and The Messianic Now: Religion, Politics, Culture. See his profile for more in depth information.Bradley at KiSS auditorium


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