KiSSiT WiP: Indian Shakespeares On Screen: Identity, Politics, Entertainment


KiSSiT Work-in-Progress is back with a session on Indian Shakespeares on Screen on April 14, 2016. Dr Varsha Panjwani (Boston and York) and Koel Chatterjee (Royal Holloway) will be discussing their project, how they began it, what attracted them to Indian Shakespeares on Screen (also a forthcoming conference) as well as giving individual papers. Varsha’s paper is entitled: ‘Shakespeare and the Indian Indie’. Koel will talk on ‘Image as text in Arshinagar (2015): A Bengali experiment with Shakespeare’. We will convene at 6 pm in the Gallery at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. Also, see the event page. It is, as always, free and open to all!

Indian Shakes pic

VarshaPanjwaniVarsha Panjwani lectures at Boston University (London) and is an honorary research associate at the CREMS, University of York.  Before moving to London, she held a lectureship at the department of Theatre, Film, and Television from 2009-13.

Varsha’s research focuses on the way in which Shakespeare is deployed in the service of diversity films and theatre. As well as publishing widely in leading international journals such as Shakespeare Survey and in forthcoming collections such as Shakespeare and Indian Cinema and The Diverse Bard, she has won prestigious research grants from the Society of Theatre Research and Folger Shakespeare Library. Varsha is an academic consultant for a number of theatre and film companies and is a regular reviewer for specialised journals and blogs.

Koel ChatterjeeKoel Chatterjee is a doctoral candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research focus is the adaptation of Shakespeare in the Hindi film industry after Indian independence. Originally from Kolkata, India, she is also mapping connections between Bengali adaptations of Shakespeare and Bollywood remediations of his plays. She is the Global Shakespeare Editor at the Shakespeare Standard and a freelance writer for Shakespeare Magazine.  

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Kingston Shakespeare is the home of KiSS, and its offshoot KiSSiT. Both explore the world by thinking through Shakespeare.
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