Douglas Lanier: ‘Serialization, Social Media, Shakespeare’, Feb 9

The second session of 2017 features a distinguished guest from the US: professor Douglas Lanier (University of New Hampshire). In our seminar he will be giving a talk entitled ‘Vlogging the Bard:  Serialization, Social Media, Shakespeare’. We will convene at 6.30 pm on Thursday Feb 9, at the Gallery of the Rose Theatre, Kingston. As always the session is free and open to everyone interested.

douglas-lanier-profileDouglas Lanier is professor of English at the University of New Hampshire. His work focuses both on early modern English drama and poetry and on modern performances and adaptations of Shakespeare’s and other early modern dramatists’ works. His book, Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture, was published by Oxford University Press in 2002. His articles have appeared in such journals as Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Survey, ELR, Studies in English Literature, Criticism, and Shakespeare Studies, and in such collections as The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Popular Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Literature on Screen, The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare, The Oxford Handbook of Thomas Middleton, Spectacular Shakespeare, Weyward Macbeth, Shakespeare and Genre, Shakespeare Beyond Doubt, and The Routledge Companion to Directors’ Shakespeare, among many others. He served as a trustee of the Shakespeare Association of America and currently serves on several editorial boards. His current projects include a book-length study of film adaptations of Othello, and a book on The Merchant of Venice in the Arden Shakespeare’s Language and Writing series.


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