Roy Eriksen: “’Sbloud he speakes terribly”: Unpacking Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus (B), Nov 16

faustusAs a prelude to the Marlowe and Shakespeare conference, we have Roy Eriksen (Agder University) discussing Doctor Faustus on Thursday November 16. The talk challenges the current “orthodoxy” that sees the 1604 edition of Doctor Faustus as the most original version and relegates the 1616 edition to the status of a play revised by Birde and Rowley in 1602 and subjected to religious censorship in 1606. Eriksen argues that in terms of theme, iconography, and structure the so-called “disputed” sequences date of the B-version in 1588 and reveal clear signs of having been performed at Court. We convene in the Gallery of the Rose Theatre, Kingston at 6 pm. This talk is free and open to everyone!

Roy Eriksen is Professor of English Renaissance Literature and Culture at University of Agder, Kristiansand (Norway), formerly professor at Tromsoe, Bergen, and the Norwegian institute in Rome, Guest professor at École des hautes études, Paris, Harvard’s Villa I Tatti, Firenze, and Univeristà degli Studi di Padova (2017).

He publishes in English and Italian interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies) and co-ordinates the interdisciplinary research initiative EMMRG. In addition to The Forme of Faustus Fortunes (Humanities, 1987) and The Building in the text (Penn State, 2001), he has edited e.g. Pre-Novel Narrative (De Gruyter, 1994), Form and the Arts (Rome: Kappa, 2003) and Ashes to Ashes (Rome: L’Ateneo, 2006), Imitation, Representation and Printing (Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2009).

He is Series Editor of EMMS (Pisa and Rome‚ Serra, 2006 –). Formerly professor and editor of the Acta of the Norwegian Institute in Rome (Bretschneider) and Studies in Renaissance Art and Culture (Kappa; Rome, 1998–2002). Approaches to the Text: From Proto-Gospel to Post-Baroque (EMMS vol 9), and the Italian monograph L’Edificio testuale appeared in 2014 (Mimesis, Milano). The Mimesis of Change: Conversion and Peripety in Life Stories (EMMS vol 12) is forthcoming.

Recent articles focus on Love’s Labours Lost, Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of a Shrew, King John, Doctor Faustus(B), and As You Like It. Eriksen currently works on two monographs: Proteus: Marlowe and the Making of the New, and Metaphorike: Alberti and the Textual Transmission of Renaissance Urbanism. In 2017 he edited a special issue of Shakespeare: The Journal, entitled “Shakespeare and Architecture”.

Eriksen is an award-winning urbanist and a literary translator. His Doctor Faustus (produced by Davish Parrish) opened in Oslo in October 2017.


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