Frank Whately: Edward Alleyn and the Rose + Conference Introduction

Wilson O'Dowd Whately on stage

Richard WIlson and Robert O’Dowd listening to Frank Whately.

Robert O’Dowd opens the Marlowe and Shakespeare -conference held at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. He is followed by Richard Wilson introducing Frank Whately (Kingston) who is giving the opening plenary with a lecture entitled Edward Alleyn and the Rose.

The actor Edward Alleyn is associated always with Christopher Marlowe and with the Rose Theatre. Lauded though he was in his lifetime, it has been said he had a style characterised by “ranting” and “strutting”, even that he would “tear a passion to tatters.” Edward Alleyn and the Rose Theatre will consider Alleyn’s shifting reputation. How does the discovery in 1989 of the original Rose and the subsequent building of the Rose Theatre, Kingston, contribute to an understanding of Alleyn and performances in his theatre in the 1590s?

Frank WhatelyBio:
Frank Whately is currently the President of the Rose Theatre Council and was formerly the Founding Director of the Kingston Theatre Trust, Founding Head of School, Performance and Screen Studies, Kingston University as well as an Associate Writer and Director, National Youth Music Theatre. His publications include Actors’ Conversations at the Rose Theatres, Cahiers Élisabéthains, Volume 88 (SAGE, 2015), The Ragged Child (Josef Weinberger, 1987), and Pendragon (Josef Weinberger, 1997). He has also directed plays around world including The Ragged Child, Pendragon, and The Revenger’s Tragedy with were performed at the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

[Video to be added]

Recorded on November 17, 2017 at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. Audio recording and editing by Timo Uotinen.

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