Ildiko Solti: “The lever of form” – Performance and Philosophy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Feb 8

KiSSiT Shakespeare purpleOn Thursday February 8, 2018 Ildiko Solti (Kingston) will be continuing the dialogue with her late mentor, Geza Kallay, on the intersection of performance and philosophy with a talk entitled ‘”The lever of form” – Performance and Philosophy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet’. The seminar convenes in the Gallery of the Rose Theatre, Kingston starting at 6.30 pm. As always this event is free and open to everyone!

Abstract: Geza Kallay conceived of plays in performance as “mobile philosophy”, in a metaphor that aimed to capture the existential core of drama as well as the possibility of reflection in and through action, or movement. Performance Theory supports this view. However, philosophy and performance operate in different media (discursive and psychophysical), with a further, even more significant differentiation of “daily” and “extra-daily” organisation (to use Eugenio Barba’s term). This means that, in order to understand the relationship between philosophy and performance productively and with relevance, the difference of their processes and organisation (which Kiernan Ryan terms “the lever of form”) needs to be observed. Exploring this existentially expressive “lever of form” is the purpose of this seminar.

Ildiko Solti is an Honorary Shakespeare Research Fellow at Kingston University as well as an actor-director, researcher and lecturer. She trained in Dramatic Arts at Macalester College, St Paul, MN, USA. Having returned to Hungary, she obtained her MA at Eotvos Lorand University, and was Artistic Director of an English language theatre company, The Phoenix, in Budapest. In 1999 she moved to London where she has been teaching and conducting research and experiment in performance, focusing on Elizabethan/Jacobean working theatre reconstructions through the method of research through practice in performance (PaR). She holds a PhD from Middlesex University. Ildiko is currently working on a book on the catalytic role of the Globe Theatre project in performance theory, acting and Shakespeare Studies.

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Kingston Shakespeare is the home of KiSS, and its offshoot KiSSiT. Both explore the world by thinking through Shakespeare.
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