The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare and Political Theology, Hampton Court/Garrick’s Temple, June 21-22 2019


The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare and Political Theology event consists of two related events, both of which highlight current thought on political theology in Shakespeare.

The first day, held in the Jane Seymour Room at Hampton Court Palace, dovetails into two themes: Crown and Crowd. The Crown section begins at 10 am and features talks on coronation rituals and absent kings by Charles Farris, Helen Phillips, Anthony Musson and Michael Hattaway. The crowd section begins at 2 pm with talks by Sam Gilchrist Hall, Edel Lamb, Sally Barnden and Yan Brailowsky. The day also features musical interludes by ARCHIcantiores performing ‘royal’ and ‘crowd’ music as well as ballads. Ticket price includes tea, coffee and a packed lunch.

The second day at Garrick’s Temple (a short walk from Hampton Court and Hampton Station) continues the symposia on Shakespeare in philosophy with a day on the seminal political theologian Ernst Kantorowicz (1895-1963). Speakers include Jennifer Rust, Lynsey McCulloch, Guillaume Foulquié, Adam Sitze, Stuart Elden, António Bento and Rachel Eisendrath. Tea, coffee and lunch are included in the ticket price.

Ticket prices are £20 for one day or £30 for both days.This event is organised by Kingston Shakespeare together with Historic Royal Palaces, Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare, the Shakespeare and Philosophy project.

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Here is the provisional programme:


Friday June 21:


Hampton Court Palace: Jane Seymour Room


10.00: Charles Farris (Historic Royal Palaces):
‘“Well worth the seeing’: The Ritual and Material Culture
of Medieval and Tudor Coronations’

Helen Phillips (Cardiff University):
‘Chaucer, King Richard, Queen Anne and Crown Images’

11.00: Coffee

11.30: Anthony Musson (Historic Royal Palaces):
‘The Hollow Crown and the Empty Throne:
Absent kings and absence of kingship in Shakespeare’s historical plays’

12.00: Musical Interlude: ARCHIcantiores

12.15: Michael Hattaway (University of Sheffield):
‘Ritual and Reification: Crowning in Richard II and Henry VIII

13.00: Lunch


14.00: Sam Gilchrist Hall (Károli Gáspár University/ Kingston University):
‘”But I doubt not the people”: Shakespeare and Thomas Müntzer’

14.45: Musical Interlude: ARCHIcantiores

15.00: Edel Lamb (Queen’s University Belfast):
‘Shakespeare and the Crowd at Astor Place, 1849’

15.45: Tea

16.15: Sally Barnden (King’s College London):
‘Staging Shakespeare’s histories for Adelaide and Victoria’

17.00: Musical Interlude: ARCHIcantiores

17.15: Yan Brailowsky (Université Paris Nanterre):
‘Crowds and authority in Coriolanus


Saturday June 22:


Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare: Hampton

10.00: Jennifer Rust (Saint Louis University):
‘Kantorowicz’s Mystical Body and Bottom’s Dream:
Political Theology to Political Aesthetics in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

11.00: Coffee

11.30: Lynsey McCulloch (Coventry University):
‘Effigial Bodies: Dignitas and the Death of Shakespeare’s Kings’

12.15: Guillaume Foulquié (Worcester University):
‘Towards the Decapitation of the King’s Two Biopolitical Bodies:
Performing Richard II in 2019 England’

13.00: Lunch 

14.00: Filippos Tsitsopoulos:
‘Talking to Shakespeare as Cardinal Wolsey’ (Performance)

14.30: Adam Sitze (Amherst College):
‘Conscience is the Essence of the Scholar’s “Office”’

15.15: Stuart Elden (Warwick University):
‘Kantorowicz, Shakespeare and the Oath’

16.00: Tea

16.30: António Bento (University of Beira Interior):
‘From the Late Medieval Church as a Mystical Body to
the Early Modern State as a Mystical Person: Ernst Kantorowicz and Carl Schmitt’

17.15: Rachel Eisendrath (Barnard College):
‘The Idea’s Two Bodies:
Kantorowicz’s meta-reflection on intellectual history in crisis’

18.00: Round Table Discussion

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  2. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    Draft programme for the two days of The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare and Political Theology event in June. I’ll be speaking about Shakespeare and Kantorowicz on the second day.


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