Forthcoming Events and Conferences

Summer 2019:

After last’s summer’s series of days on French theorists, we turn this year to twentieth-century political theology, and to three thinkers whose work has powerfully shaped recent interpretations of Shakespearean theatre. This is our programme:

  • Saturday April 6: Walter Benjamin and Shakespeare
  • Saturday June 22: Ernst Kantorowicz and Shakespeare
  • Saturday September 7: Hannah Arendt and Shakespeare

On Friday June 21 we are also co-hosting with Historic Royal Palaces what we hope will be the first of an annual series of midsummer conferences at Hampton Court Palace: ‘The Hollow Crown: Shakespeare and Coronation’. With two sections, on ‘Crown’ and ‘Crowd’, this event has been planned to double with the Temple symposium on Kantorowicz the following day, to provide a focus for our discussion of current thinking about Shakespeare and Political Theology.

On October 26, 2019 we will be organising a one-day conference on the work of Peter Brook. More information to follow soon.


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