Thinking through Shakespeare

AKiSSiT ShaXs part of the KiSSiT project, Thinking through Shakespeare is a platform for researchers and Shakespeare enthusiasts to engage with Shakespeare and, especially, engage with the world in all its variety through Shakespeare.

Thinking through Shakespeare is a launching pad for a form of indirect enquiry into not just Renaissance and Early Modern thought but our contemporary world in its various forms. The aim is to provide a space where thoughts about can be explored, expressed, and discussed. Alongside regular blogposts, contributors may also put up essays for a limited time to receive comments for further development of the piece.

Anyone who wants to write something on Thinking through Shakespeare, contact KiSSiT ( We also invite readers to comment on these posts, as critically as you wish but always kindly – please do not comment anonymously. Furthermore, if you have questions, queries, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we are always happy to hear from you.

To read the posts click on the Thinking through Shakespeare category on the right-hand side.

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