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Up-coming events, Spring 2018

Here is a provisional programme for the Spring term. Sessions will be updated as soon as possible. 25 January:  Edward Paleit (City University): Tamburlaine’s Succession 1 February: KiRSe: Edward III playreading 8 February: KiSSiT: Ildiko Solti (Kingston): “The lever of form” – performance … Continue reading

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KiRSE Playreadings Spring 2018

Continuing our ‘To Lose No Drop’ -theme from the Autumn we (KiRSE, that is) are reading later additions to the Shakespearean canon. The dates and plays are: 1st February: Edward III, the ancestor of all the main characters in the later history plays, … Continue reading

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Playreading Sir Thomas More, Nov 30 (KiRSe)

Sir Thomas More. Not Wolf Hall. Not A Man For All Seasons. Not even Henry VIII. This week’s reading in the KiSS series of Shakespeare plays acknowledged as his after the publication of the First Folio is a unique handling … Continue reading

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Playreading The Two Noble Kinsmen, Nov 9 (KiRSe)

Come and read the last play Shakespeare ever wrote. Not The Tempest. A story with an interrupted wedding, fighting and romance in a wood outside Athens, madness, morris dancing and the intervention of the gods: Shakespeare wrote The Two Noble Kinsmen in partnership … Continue reading

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Playreading Pericles Prince of Tyre, Oct 19 (KiRSe)

Shipwreck, pirates, resurrection, a goddess, incest, plague, a brothel, riddling, knights in armour and a family dispersed across the Levant: in its day immensely popular, Shakespeare’s version of one of the great European stories (adapted in conjunction with George Wilkins) … Continue reading

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‘TO LOSE NO DROP’: Retrieving the Shakespeare Canon

There were thirty-six plays when Shakespeare’s colleagues collected them for the first time in 1623 in the Folio. In 2017 a new complete Shakespeare contains forty-one complete plays, and contributions to a couple more. In the four hundred years since … Continue reading

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Up-coming events, Summer and Autumn 2017

Here are the up-coming seminars, playreadings, symposia and conferences. Sept 2: Shakespeare and Nietzsche (Shakespeare at Garrick’s Temple) Oct 12: ‘Fictionalising the Renaissance’ with Hermione Eyre, Emma Whipday and Richard O’Brien (KiSSiT WiP) Oct 19: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (KiRSe Playreading) Oct 26: … Continue reading

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Thomas Middleton: A Trick To Catch The Old One (KiSS Playreading)

Shakespeare’s Writing Partners: A Trick To Catch The Old One is the second in this series. It’s from the very varied and successful work of Thomas Middleton, who’s been dubbed ‘our other Shakespeare.’ It’s a comedy, but not of the … Continue reading

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George Peele: Old Wives Tale (KiSS Playreading)

KiSS play readings this term feature Shakespeare’s writing partners. There’s wide acceptance that he sometimes wrote with other playmakers, but those partners’ work is often unknown land as far as theatregoers and readers are concerned. On 26 th January KiSS … Continue reading

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Kingston Shakespeare Spring 2017 schedule

The Spring (and Summer) term has a lot of activity in store: continued playreadings, work-in-progress presentations, book talks, conferences and symposia at Garrick’s Temple. Here is the schedule as it currently stands (amendations will be made as soon as possible): … Continue reading

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