Past Events and Podcast Archive

Autumn Season 2016:

6 Oct. Booktalk: Shakespeare and New Historicist Theory with Neema Parvini (Surrey)

13 Oct. Playreading Shakespeare, volume one: Fair Em

20 Oct. Work-in-Progress with Harry Newman (Royal Holloway): “Reading for Error in The Winter’s Tale

3 Nov. Playreading Shakespeare, volume one: Mucedorus

17 Nov. Work-in-Progress with Ildiko Solti: “Trouble at the Globe: Emma Rice, original practices and the politics of shared light”

24 Nov. Booktalk: Shakespeare’s Folly: Philosophy, Humanism, Critical Theory with Sam Hall

Dec. 1: Playreading Shakespeare, volume one: The Merry Devil of Edmonton

8 Dec. Booktalk: Derrida Reads Shakespeare with Chiara Alfano (Kingston)

21 April, 2016: Rose Theatre Shakespeare Birthday Lecture:
Charles Nicholl (University of Sussex): ‘Counterfeit Presentments: Portraits of Shakespeare and the messages they send’. Listen here

14 April, 2016: KiSSiT WiPIndian Shakespeares on Screen: Identity, Politics, Entertainment with Dr Varsha Panjwani (Boston and York) and Koel Chatterjee (Royal Holloway).

Spring Season 2016: Shakespeare and the Uncanny

21 Jan. Nicholas Royle (University of Sussex): Shakespeare’s Foreplay. Listen here

11 Feb. Arthur Bradley (Lancaster University): Untimely Ripp’d: Macbeth’s children. Listen here

3 March. Simon Ryle (University of Split): Bre(e/a)ch: Macbeth and the language of terror. Listen here

17 March. Sonja Fielitz (University of Marburg): ‘Duke of Dark Corners: Shakespeare and the Catholic uncanny’. Listen here

7 April. Francois Laroque (University of Paris III): ‘These Late Eclipses: Shakespeare’s uncanny stars’. Listen here

Dec. 19, 2015: KiSSiT Shakespeare and the State of Exception. Watch Paul Hamilton’s introduction and Richard Wilson’s final remarks. See also the picture gallery.

Oct. 8 – 11, 2015: Shakespeare and Scandinavia Conference. All conference recordings here.

Autumn Season 2015: Shakespeare and Sovereignty

1 Oct. Graham Holderness (University of Hertfordshire), Alison Findlay (Lancaster University), Michael Hattaway (NYU): Shakespeare’s Wars of the Roses. Listen here

14 Oct. Dominique Goy-Blanquet (University of Picardie), Stuart Hampton-Reeves (University of Central Lancashire), Heather Neill, and Alex Waldmann: The Barton / Hall ‘Wars of the Roses’. Listen here

29 Oct. Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam): Athelstan the Virgin King. Listen here

26 Nov. Christopher Pye (Williams College):
King Lear, Sovereignty, and the Condition of Justice. Listen here

3 Dec. Howard Caygill (Kingston University): Laertes’ Revolt and the Limits of Popular Sovereignty. Listen here

10 Dec. Jeffrey Knapp (UC Berkeley): Hamlet and the Sovereignty of Reasons. Listen here

23 May, 2015: KiSSiT: Shakespeare and Waste. Plenaries by Scott Wilson and Peter J. Smith and the final roundtable where the plenary speakers are joined by Stephen Unwin, Aleksandra Sadowska, Ildiko Solti, and Andrew Jarvis. Listen here

19 February, 2015: Jan Kott Our Contemporary: Contexts, Legacies, New Perspectives. One-day conference co-hosted by KiSS and the Polish Cultural Institute. Listen to full podcast here

Spring Season 2015: Shakespeare and Modernism

8 Jan. Lesley Chamberlain: ‘Shakespeare, Wagner and Modernism’. Listen here

22 Jan. Martin Regal (Reykjavik University): ‘Shakespeare and Modernist Theatre. Listen here

5 Feb. Graham Holderness (Hertfordshire University): ‘Hamnet Shakespeare: A Joycean Life’. Listen here

5 March. Neil Corcoran (University of Liverpool): ‘Eliot’s Shakespeare Revisited’. Listen here

19 March. Claudia Olk (Freie Universitët, Berlin): ‘Beckett’s Shakespearean Echoes’. Listen here

23 April. Shakespeare’s Birthday Lecture (co-hosted with the Iris Murdoch Society): Peter Conradi (Kingston University): ‘Shakespeare and Iris Murdoch’.  Listen here

Autumn Season 2014: Shakespeare and Music

16 Oct. Chantal Schutz (Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle) with Jamie Akers (Lute): ‘The scholar’s melancholy is emulation, the musician’s fantastical: Shakespeare and Dowland’. Listen here

30 Oct. Christopher Wilson (University of Hull): “By the sweet power of musicke”: Effect in Shakespeare’s musical imagery. Listen here

6 Nov. Katy Hamilton with Michale L Roberts, Katie Coventry, Caitlin Frizzel, Julien Van Mellaerts and Paul McKenzie, piano (Royal College of Music). ’The radical gap between words and action: Singing Shakespeare’.

20 Nov. Irene Morra (Cardiff University): Britten’s National Opera: “Gloriana” and the Shakespeare Problem. Listen here

27 Nov. Adam Hansen (Northumbria University): “I heard the sounds of long ago”: The Politics of Popular Music in Contemporary Shakespearean Performance’. Listen here

11 Dec. Julie Sanders (Nottingham University): “Full of noises”: The Adaptation of Shakespeare in Music. Listen here

Summer Season 2014:

The Garrick Lecture by Simon Callow. Listen here

Spring Season 2014: Shakespeare and Law

12 Feb. Martin McQuillan (Kingston University): ‘Marx, Derrida, Shakespeare’. Listen here

27 Feb. Eric Heinze (Queen Mary University of London): ‘Equivocation will undo us: Linguistic transformation as legal strategy in Shakespearean political drama’. Listen here

13 March. Andrew Zurcher (University of Cambridge): ‘Gift and condition in King Lear’. Listen here

20 March. Lorna Hutson (University of St Andrews): ‘Are those circumstances really necessary?: The example of Romeo and Juliet’. Listen here

10 April: Paul Raffield (Warwick University). ‘Shakespeare, Common Law, and the idyll of Albion: Laws and lawyers in Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2’. Listen here

1 May. Andreas Höfele (University of Munich): ‘German Shakespeare and the 19th-century myth of Julius Caesar’. Listen here

8 May. Regina Schwartz (Northwestern University): ‘Law and love in The Merchant of Venice’. Listen here

30 Oct. Sir Peter Hall Professor Richard Wilson (Kingston University): Inaugural lecture. ‘Sermons In Stones: Shakespeare’s Dangerous Thresholds’

Autumn Season 2013: Shakespeare and Philosophy

15 Oct. Catherine Belsey (Swansea University): ‘Shakespeare, the Uncanny and the Cartesian Cogito’.

24 Oct. Michael Bogdanov. ‘The Readiness is All: Existential Shakespeare’. (Michael Bogdanov – click to download)

29 Oct. Francois Laroque (Sorbonne Nouvelle). ‘A Sad Tale’s Best for Winter: Bataille, Girard and Shakespeare’. (Francois Laroque – click to download)

19 Nov. Christopher Norris (Cardiff University): ‘Poetry Reading: Wittgenstein’s Shakespeare’. (Christopher Norris – click to download)

5 Dec. Peter Holbrook (University of Queensland): ‘Nietzsche’s Shakespeare’.

Spring 2013 Season

7 Feb. Dominique Goy-Blanquet (University of Picardy) : ‘Henry VIII and The Maid’s Wedding: Ghostly Revels’. (Dominique Goy-Blanquet – click to download)

20 Feb. Tobias Doring (Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich): ‘Shakespeare’s Afterlife: Contemporary German poetry and the problem of poetic creativity’.

7 March. Ewan Fernie (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham): ‘Why Celebrate Shakespeare?’ (Ewan Fernie – click to download)

20 March. Coppelia Kahn (Brown University): ‘Reading the Face in Hamlet’.

11 April. David Skilton (Cardiff University): ‘The Novelist’s Voice: Shakespearean Intertext in Thackeray and Trollope’.

25 April.  Shakespeare’s Birthday Lecture. Farah Karim-Cooper (Head of Research at Shakespeare’s Globe): ‘Taming Kate: Passions and Humours in The Taming of the Shrew’


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